Healthy tips and snacks to take to the beach or pool.
Summer rhymes with heat, beach, pool, sun!

If you are a #teamlunchbox, here are the tips from our nutritionist, Mafalda Rodrigues de Almeida, for a healthier lunchbox and well-preserved food.

  • Bring well-cooked food (e.g. eggs) to prevent spoilage.

  • Use cooling pads in the lunch box to keep food at a low temperature.

  • Bring water and Kombucha to stay hydrated throughout the day. Store them in a lunch box separate from the food to prevent the constant opening of it leading to an increase in temperature. Did you know that, after the beach, you can make frozen cocktails with kombucha that are delicious? Mix the Pineapple and Peach Kombucha with a scoop of pineapple and basil ice cream and you will surprise everyone at home! Or even a mocktail.
Kombucha Ananás e Pêssego

  • Include fruit in your snacks, in addition to being nutritious and rich in fiber and vitamins, it is also rich in water which helps with hydration.

  • If you bring sandwiches, choose to fill them with nutritious foods like eggs, hummus or tuna/chicken/tofu paste with cream cheese instead of mayonnaise for example.

  • Eat snacks throughout the day – eggs, yogurt, vegetable sticks with hummus, nuts and seeds, among others.

  • On the beach, place the lunch box in the shade with a white towel over it to prevent the temperature from rising.

Tell us, what snacks do you usually take to the beach?

Mind the Gut!

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